Preventing Child Death


The ACT Children and Young People Death Review Committee is a group of people who come together as an independent committee established under legislation to work towards reducing the number of deaths of ACT children and young people.

Review Committees across Australia The Australian & New Zealand child Death Review & Prevention Group

The ACT works with a number of child death review groups which have been established across the states and territories of Australia and to New Zealand to review the population characteristics of children who die. Each state and territory in Australia with the exception of Western Australia keep a register of child deaths. A register of child deaths is kept nationally by New Zealand.

The member jurisdictions of ANZCDR&PG have varying governance. Read here for further information.

Collectively the member jurisdictions are known as the Australian and New Zealand Child Death Review and Prevention Group (ANZCDR&PG), a collaboration which has met annually since 2005. The role of the ANZCDR&PG is to identify, address and potentially decrease the numbers of infant, child and youth deaths by sharing information on issues in the quantitative review and reporting of child deaths, and to work collaboratively towards national and international reporting. The ACT